Type of weddings we offer

Catholic Ceremony

The Stella Maris Chapel has as its main setting the majestic sea of ​​the Mexican Caribbean, with dreamlike sunsets that emanate from behind the wooden cross that is on the seashore.
Every visitor who visits this sublime chapel falls in love with its splendor of natural beauty.
Under an act of faith and love, the couple is involved in a magical day.

Civil ceremony

Under the framework of the Mexican Caribbean, enveloping with its deep blue, the civil wedding is celebrated, on the seashore with the Judge of the Civil Registry, who is the only one authorized to issue the valid marriage certificate.
international, it will make your love sealed, with the joy of those present and the energy of the place your wedding will be spectacular.

Pre-Hispanic Ceremony

Our shaman will make you live an ancestral experience, between the sounds of the snails, the call of the energies of the four points of the earth, (earth, sun, water and fire) will make your wedding go back to the times of our legendary Mayans, where these rituals united two beings for love, invoking the Goddess Ixchel (Goddess of the moon, the sea and fertility) to honor the union of the new spouses and the universe as the main witness.

Live this ancestral experience under the nature and sea of ​​the Mexican Caribbean as the main scenery.

Symbolic Ceremony

We will make your dream come true, let yourself be pampered, let the blue of the Caribbean Sea and the natural nature of the place make your wedding perfect.
May the natural environment that we offer and the joy of your guests surround you with positive energy in your union.

Vow renewal ceremony

To renew is to affirm the love you have for each other, it is a true alliance of love and to be able to relive that special day of your life.
Celebrate once again with friends and family to enjoy everything you have achieved as a couple.
Renew your vows here, with a Catholic, Mayan or symbolic celebration and with the best scenery, which is the majestic sea of ​​the Mexican Caribbean. We are waiting for you!